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Travel Thailand – Top Thai Tourism Spots – Thai culture for kids


1) Bangkok: Busy and restless metropolis, it is the number one visit while traveling to Thailand. The gorgeous jeweled Grand Palace stands here, and china town as well.


2) The Floating Market: A huge tourist attraction, the floating market attracts hundreds of people daily. One must take a canal ride in order to make a purchase. It’s an experience to capture, not to miss!


3) The East Coast Islands: White sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters, full moon parties, snorkeling, diving; everything in a paradise dream one needs. Not to mention, there’s plenty to keep the kids occupied. Koh Samul and Koh Phangon islands are located on East Thailand.


Did You Know?????


- Chopsticks are only used in Thailand to eat noodle soups, other times they use a spoon and fork

- Every Thai male is expected to be a monk at some time in his life

- It is customary to have five meals a day in Thailand

- Buddhism is the number one religion

- Thai is the language, but Chinese is one of the other languages spoken as well

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